About Us

We can achieve a 33% reduction in our ecological footprint from 2006 levels.

This is not just doable, it’s necessary. On average, Vancouverites use three times more land and sea resources than our global fair share. Our consumption patterns contribute to climate change and environmental degradation. Ironically, studies on happiness show that — beyond a certain level — consumption doesn’t tend to make us happier. It can also lead to significant income disparities between people and communities.

How do we become a One-Planet City?

We can tackle food waste, share more, improve our community, encourage repair (rather than tossing something out), change our diets, commute differently, buy more carefully, use less toxic stuff, grow more food — and reimagine the way we live.

There are so many exciting initiatives already bringing this vision to life! We can do more when we join with others in the community, amplify each other’s work, and support systems-level changes.

  • The 33% goal is part of the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan. This strategy shares how the City plans to reduce its footprint… and it calls on all of us — as a community — to work with them on key areas like building out the sharing economy and reducing food waste.
  • Read the Greenest City Action Plan, the 2015-2016 update and the implementation update .
  • Get inspired by stories from Vancouverites sharing what they’ve been doing to contribute to this becoming the greenest city on Tumblr.
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We are bringing together a community of action around the Lighter Footprint goal.

Together, we can encourage existing efforts, spark new ones, push for needed infrastructure and policy change, and build exciting partnerships.

We’ll shine a light on what’s working. We expect that each year will have us focus on a few high-impact areas where we can collaborate to take things further — whether it’s forging ahead with sharing initiatives or curbing paper consumption.

Share with us what you’re already doing and let’s join forces!

Here are two initiatives that we’re starting with:

Read more about our collaborations here.