Strong Neighbourhoods: This is my neighbourhood

    Dec 1, 2016

    This citizen-centric, resident-led approach to strengthening neighbourhoods encourages residents to take the “I love my neighbourhood” pledge and actively seek ways to work with the City of Calgary to make the kind of neighbourhood everyone wants to move to. Participating neighbourhoods undertake a six-stage process to identify and implement neighbourhood improvement projects, which are then reviewed by the City. The City then identified a list of projects for the neighbourhood to prioritize for implementation.

    The Strong Neighbourhoods six-stage process

    Create a vision
    We asked you, “What do you like about your neighbourhood? What should change? What would make it great in the future?” A vision is a common goal of what the future of the neighbourhood could be.

    Suggest neighbourhood improvements
    You told us about some small-scale changes that your thought would help achieve your neighbourhood vision.

    Results shared
    The City shared the results of what we heard, just to make sure we understood you correctly.

    City reviewed improvements
    A team of several City departments reviewed your ideas. As part of our review process, we ensured that the ideas presented were feasible and that they matched up with your neighbourhood vision.

    Choose final improvements
    We asked you to prioritize a short list of improvement projects you thought we should do in 2016.

    Final results
    We shared the list of City programs, services and small-scale infrastructure improvements coming to your neighbourhood.

    Improvements set to begin
    The selected neighbourhood improvement projects will begin! Check back here for updates on the latest implementation dates and timelines.

    Lead: City of Calgary + United Way