Sustainable Neighbourhoods Program

    Dec 1, 2016

    Intended to encourage direct citizen action, the Sustainable Neighborhood Program provides support to neighbourhoods in order to assist citizens in enhancing neighbourhood sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint of residents. The program is credit-based. Neighbourhoods in the program earn credits for participation and for achieving project goals. Depending on the number of credits earned in a given year, neighbourhoods may receive designation as a “Participating Sustainable Neighbourhood” or an “Outstanding Sustainable Neighbourhood” from their local government. 

    Related: The Lakewood Sustainability Cooperative (the ‘Scoop’)

    The Scoop” is a network of Lakewood residents, businesses, and other community partners who are passionate about creating a more sustainable Lakewood. Participants volunteer their knowledge, experience and skills to support sustainability efforts in the community.

    Lead: City of Lakewood, CO