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“Let’s create a culture of change to make it cool to live within our environmental means.” (Resident, City of Vancouver, Talk Green to Us Survey)

Explore what’s happening around the World

  • HENNEPIN COUNTY, Minnesota (USA) runs Fix-It Clinics where residents can learn repair skills and keep objects in circulation for longer.
  • PORTLAND, OR’s Resourceful PDX and FLAGSTAFF, AZ’s Be Resourceful programs also encourage share, reuse and repair.
  • BRUSSELS (Belgium) – “Rest-o-Pack” starts changing the culture with doggybags for leftovers (source).
  • NEW YORK (USA) – Mayor de Blasio’s Zero Waste Challenge in NY led to a 31-business effort to divert 37,000 tons of material in a few months – an average diversion rate of 56% (source).
  • UNITED KINGDOM – Wasted food is tackled head on through The Courtauld (voluntary) Commitment with the  grocery sector, and through the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, both supported by WRAP UK.
  • TURIN (Italy) – The Mayor of Turin sets a 5 year plan to reduce meat consumption in the city (source).
  • USA – School innovations include “Share Tables” which redistribute unopened, unserved food at a school (source) and a vegan lunch pilot in LOS ANGELES.